Setup Parental Control TPLink Router

How to set up Parental Controls on TP-Link Router?

The TP-Link company has been providing wireless routers for more than 20 years. As a result, they have developed a strong understanding of how to provide reliable solutions for users worldwide. The TP-LINK Archer C2600 is an excellent solution for people looking for parental control over their home network without sacrificing too much performance or functionality. 

How to Setup Parental Controls on TP-Link Router?

How to Setup Parental Controls on TP-Link Router? First, don’t underestimate the importance of parental control. With kids using a variety of devices at any time and anywhere, either inside or outside the home network, whether it’s on laptops, smartphones, tablets, or smart TV, there are risks that some children tend to overlook when connected to a virtual world. So as parents who want their children to do well in life by following rules and making good choices, you’re certainly entitled to strict rule settings and regulations to manage Internet access. To set up parental controls on your TP-Link router:

Steps for How to Setup Parental Controls on TP-Link Router?

Step 1: Open any browser

Step 2: Now go to

Step 3: Enter Username and Password on the login page

Note: For a simple network, admin/PWD is admin. For complex networks, the PWD is initially set to blank. You can change it anytime later by using or your router’s control panel after logging into your account.

Step 4: Now Click on Basic/Advanced > Parental Controls > Enable Parental Controls.

Step 5: Click on add button.

Step 6: Now, move on with View Existing Device and choose your connected device to do parental controls.

Step 7: You can also add your device name thereby manually, even with your MAC Address.

Step 8: Also, you can decide the time of parental controls by clicking on the “clock icon

Step 9: Choose the controls here for whitelist, blacklisted, etc.

If you choose blacklist, it means that the device will not access any website during the Internet Access time.

If you choose the whitelist, the device will access the only keywords-related website during the Internet Access Period. 

Step 10: You can add up to 32 keywords by clicking on add new keywords section.

Step 11: After adding the keywords and website, click on the Save button.

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