Find router ip address

How To Find Your Router IP Address

Routers are an essential part of any home network. They connect all the devices on your network to each other to communicate and share data. Without a router, you would need to buy wireless access points or Ethernet cables for every device in your house. Routers also allow you to easily share Internet connections with multiple devices at once without purchasing additional modems and routers.

If you are trying to find your router’s IP address, here is a step-by-step guide of what to do.

Steps To Find Your Router IP Address?

For Windows:

  • Firstly Open your Control Panel.
  • Now, Click on Network and Internet
  • Open View Network Status and Task
  • Open your connections through the name
  • Click on the Details button on a new window
  • Now move to IPv4 Default Gateway to lookup your Router IP.
  • Now you’ve found your Router IP Address.

For macOS:

  • Firstly open your system preferences
  • Now go to network
  • Click on the advanced option
  • Now click on TCP/IP, and now you are going to find the IPv4 default gateway.
  • Now you’ve found your Router IP Address.

For Linux:

  • Firstly open your terminal.
  • Now type ipconfig and enter.
  • Now you’ve found your Router IP Address.

For iOS:

  • Firstly Open the Settings App on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Now move to Wi-Fi settings.
  • Now tap on the blue arrow button after network names with which you are connected to the currently available IPv4 address; it shows the network’s default gateway.
  • So here you go to find your router IP address is just one click away from here.

For Android:

  • Firstly open your settings page.
  • Now move to Wi-Fi.
  • Here you are going to find the IPv4 address of the network where you are connected.
  • Click on Configure then IP Address.
  • Now you’re good to have your Android Device IP Address visible.

For iPhone:

  • Firstly open your device’s Settings page.
  • And then move to Wi-Fi and click on the blue arrow button.
  • Then you will see that your network displays its default IP address.
  • So, now you’re good to have your iPhone Device IP Address visible.

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